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One of the most common questions that comes up on the courses and at the support group is about Boundaries. When do I need to put boundaries in, is my baby being naughty by doing things I don’t want them to, how do I know if the boundary I have imposed is right?
I struggled with the balance. In the first instance I found everything relatively simple, I loved to hold and care for my newborn baby, I responded to every murmur and kept him close. He grew and I wondered, was it OK to pick him up every time he cried, was it OK to feed him when he was hungry and offer my breast as comfort, how much should I feed him, should I leave him to cry? Continue reading

Being a Good Girl

Who would have thought that “being a good girl” could be a problem!

I empathised with one of the Mums who attended the Babiesknow Support Group when she vividly described her dilemma having been brought up to be good, a euphemism for “doing as she was told”.

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