Monthly Archives: November 2011

Kitty in the news

Having met and been inspired by Kitty, journalist Lucy Cavendish, mother of four, asked Kitty to help her hone her parenting skills with her teenage son Raymond. You can read about their time together in a piece that was published in the Times (no link) Weekend section on the 5th November. Lucy reveals what she learnt, and there’s a great precis of Kitty’s advice on how to be a good parent during the teenage years. Lucy and Raymond are both open about the challenges that have arisen for them both and I think many adults and teenagers will recognize themselves in this story. Thank you Kitty. Continue reading

Where nature bumps into nurture

How did your mum’s diet in pregnancy affect you? It’s certainly not a new idea that conditions in the womb affect our health: we’ve known for decades, for instance, the harm that smoking in pregnancy can cause. More recently, the Barker revelations have shown how low birth weights are connected with the incidence of heart disease and diabetes 4 or 5 decades later.
And how does your grandfather’s health impact you today? Even more astounding are the results from recent studies that show how our mothers’ health when they were teenagers – and even the health of our grandfathers – influences our propensity to diseases like diabetes, heart conditions, obesity. Continue reading