Monthly Archives: January 2012

How old is too old to have a baby?

Last month Robert de Niro celebrated the arrival of a new daughter – at the age of 68 – with wife Grace Hightower, age 56. Patricia Carswell muses ‘How old is too old?’ in a recent article and got in touch with Kitty to ask her opinion. Although Kitty believes a lot depends on the personality and lifestyle of each individual set of parents, she does question the motivation for having children beyond the late 50s:

“I think this is completely contrary to the natural law,” she says. “Why have a child at this stage in life? Is it to give meaning to life or to have someone to love you, or is it to fulfill some unmet need? To me it smacks of a world where we think we should be able to have whatever we want whenever we want it.”

Crying and Breastfeeding

The BBC has just issued a report about an apparent connection between breastfeeding and crying. A very small study led by Dr Ken Ong of the Medical Research Council revealed an apparent difference between the irritability of breastfed babies and bottledfed babies, with breastfed babies tended to cry more. It’s a shame that breastfeeding has been linked to excess crying; although the BBC’s article does stress that breast is best. Continue reading