Babiesknow in the Independent

A second splash in the newspapers within a month – very exciting for us at Babiesknow. Heidi Scrimgeour’s article (read it here) was about her struggles with her two children – Oh Yes, Sibling Rivalry crops up in most (if not all?) families.

Heidi IndependentHeide came to Babiesknow 4 (Age 3-7) to find out what she could do to reduce the sibling fights, and went away feeling much more confident. She discovered the rivalry reducing when she put Kitty and Helen’s tips into practice. Instead of focusing on the behaviour of her sons, Heide began by tuning into the feelings underneath the behaviour. Noticing what her sons were feeling, and attending to their emotional needs before they build up and erupt in tears or fighting, has helped to prevent outbursts of aggressive or argumentative behaviour.

One of the main elements of the Babiesknow ‘mantra’ is: ‘Hear Me’. We believe this is as important for a tiny baby as it is for a toddler, an adolescent, or a grandparent. It’s one of the elements of a great relationship that helps each person feel good about themselves, and supports good family dynamics, even when underlying feelings are difficult.

Here are some of Heide’s thoughts following the workshop:

“Prevailing parenting ‘wisdom’ seems so prescriptive these days, and Babiesknow is an empowering breath of fresh air amid that. “There are no rules in parenting and we can’t give you a sheet of paper and say follow this and it’ll all be fine,” Biscoe-Taylor said.”

You don’t come away from Babiesknow armed with a new set of tricks, but instead leave with a deep awareness of why you parent the way you do, along with real insights into why your children behave the way they do. Put those two revelations together and you have the recipe for a wonderful experience of family life.

Since Babiesknow, I have more empathy for my children and a much greater belief in my capacity to be a good parent. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and exhausted I feel confident and well resourced for family life. That’s something that should be within reach of every parent.”

If you go to her article, you’ll be able to read the comment thread and join the discussion.

Thanks Heide for spreading the word!