Crying and Breastfeeding

The BBC has just issued a report about an apparent connection between breastfeeding and crying. A very small study led by Dr Ken Ong of the Medical Research Council revealed an apparent difference between the irritability of breastfed babies and bottledfed babies, with breastfed babies tended to cry more. It’s a shame that breastfeeding has been linked to excess crying; although the BBC’s article does stress that breast is best.

What seems to be the main issue here, rather than the nature of feeding, is what makes babies cry? Crying is the main form of vocal communication and is not always about hunger. Babies cry to express discomfort, surprise, boredom or distress; they may cry when they want company; they may cry because they are releasing trauma that is linked with birth, or the months of pregnancy. Your baby has a strong voice and with it expresses his feelings without inhibition. Click here to read more about crying and follow the rest of our website, including our page on breastfeeding, or come on a course, to discover more about what your baby is telling you, how to understand your baby’s language, and tips for soothing crying.