Depression and Children

Babies are as vulnerable to depression and anxiety as adults are – if not more so. For so many years, this possibility has been overlooked – partly because babies can’t talk, and tell us what they feel; and partly because behaviours such as crying and clinginess are taken for granted as ‘normal’ in so many families.

depressed_child_from_TimeWhat a relief that recognised studies are now backing up the fact that babies are acutely emotional; that they may be more upset than we give them credit for; and their feelings deserve to be taken seriously. If not, there can be life-long consequences – something we have been saying for years, and the recent study from the non-profit organisation Zero to Three is showing.

Babiesknow has been speaking up for babies’ sensitivity, sometimes in the face of doubt from people who believe that tears, tantrums, shyness and withdrawal are nothing to worry about. It’s a relief to find out that studies are now helping to speak up for babies – as well as an alarm call for us all, to wake up to the fact that babies need to be listened to, and their feelings accepted and responded to.

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