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What is Babies Know?

Babies Know was founded as a program of courses for parents and families, which provides information and tools to enhance bonding and relationships, from conception onwards. The courses are run by a team of experts who also work independently with individuals, couples and families. Babiesknow helps parents to give their babies a great start and answers age-old questions about behaviour, love, discipline, sleep, bonding and more, all in the context of 21st century family life.

Babies Know is grounded in professional experience of working with people; our information draws on the latest science and rests on an appreciation that babies are conscious and aware from conception. Our focus is on emotional intelligence: what babies know and feel, what adults feel, and how to build, maintain, and repair loving relationships.

How can I access support?

If you would like to attend the weekend course, please contact us – we will be setting a date according to participants’ requests.

If you would like to enquire about one-to-one support with Kitty Hagenbach in London, or Charisse Basquin, the best way is to contact us. You may want to talk to Kitty about your personal requirements and depending on the issue you are seeking to resolve, she will guide you to the most beneficial support. The email address and phone number are on our contact page.

What makes Babies Know different?

Our emphasis is on emotional intelligence and and on practical ways to form deep and lasting relationships with the qualities of trust, playfulness and support. Co-operative behaviour and joyful experiences stem from good connections: and we have discovered that focusing on relationships is a powerful and simple way to prevent and to deal with practical difficulties. On our courses or in personal consultation we frequently discuss issues such as tantrums, arguments, sleep, discipline, routine, sibling rivalry – and work towards resolution by focusing on communication and relationship.

Who is it for?

For parents from conception onwards, and for professionals who work with parents and families (particularly midwives, doulas, nannies, breastfeeding support workers, paediatricians, counsellors). Our courses are also highly valued by couples before they conceive – those who have joined us have been very thankful that they found out about the sensitivity of a baby, from the moment of conception, the importance of preparing, and useful techniques for enhancing bonding and communication in the parental relationship.

Where are the courses?

Most weekend courses are held in central London. Occasionally (often by invitation) we travel outside London.

Healing Early Imprints and other courses run by Charisse are held in London, Scotland and Spain … the locations are advertised in good time.

What happens on the weekend course?

An expert team of specialists runs the courses, with a combination of presentations, exercises and discussions. You’ll be guided through the scientific facts behind infant development and interpersonal relationships, and you’ll receive practical guidance and advice. There’s plenty of time for interaction, discussion and questions, and getting to know other participants. An outline of the weekend programme is available here.

For information on Charisse’s Healing Early Imprints course, click here.

What are the main things I’ll achieve from the weekend course?

Many people say our courses help them deepen their bonds with their children, reduce stress, help them communicate better with their partners, and give a real boost to their confidence. Among the things you can expect to go away with are:

  • an ease and lightness to be with your children, and have fun;
  • a parenting ‘tool-kit’ that will help with all kinds of problems, ranging from eating and sleeping difficulties to tantrums and boundaries;
  • ways to deepen bonds in your family;
  • a refreshing ability to really listen, and to feel heard;
  • increased understanding and better communication in your partnership;
  • and the chance to make repair if relationships have broken down, or things have not gone well in the past.

How did Babies Know come about?

Babies Know was born from the combined passion and expertise of Kitty Hagenbach and Yehudi Gordon. They both realised that many personal, relationship and family problems have their roots in infancy, when brain and body are in a crucial phase of development. The fact that experiences in early life are so important and our belief in babies’ wisdom and awareness are behind our name: but the courses are for all. They are about relationships, however old you are, whatever form your family or your life takes

Do you offer concessions?

If you are unable to pay the full price, please email kitty@babiesknow.com to request a concession, giving reasons for your request.

Can I book a private course?

Yes. Get in touch by email (kitty@…) if you would like to run a Babies Know course in your area or with a group of friends and family and we’ll talk about the size of the group, the location and the price.

Do you offer one-to-one consultations?

Yes. Kitty has been practicing as a psychotherapist for over twenty years and works with individuals, couples and families. Charisse is a pre and peri natal therapist; she specialises in healing imprints remaining from difficult experiences in early life, or trauma around birth.

Please contact us if you’re interested.

Finally: Do you have a question that isn’t answered here?

Please contact us and we’ll get in touch with you.