We like strengthening families and communities, so here are a few links to other companies and individuals whose practices and philosophy we rate. This is an evolving list – if you’d like to recommend a site, please let us know. You can also check our resources pages for books and websites.

Antenatal and Birth Preparation

Active Birth Centre & Janet Balaskas  Courses for pregnancy, birth and parenting your baby, with an accent on staying present and aware, fit and healthy. Janet was the pioneer of Active Birth in the UK.

Baby Concierge  Advice on what you need and where to buy it as you stock up on the essentials for life with your baby.

BirthChoiceUK  a great site as you make your decision about where to give birth; includes trends and information about maternity units across the UK.

Home Birth Reference Site helping you navigate the ins and outs of planning a home birth and finding support in your local area.

NCT – The National Childbirth Trust supports parents from conception onwards and runs groups all over the UK for expectant mums and dads.

Regina Covington independent Midwife: worked with Yehudi Gordon at the Birth Unit at John and Lizzies.

Sheila Kitzinger for books and information on ‘woman-centred’ birthing.

Doula services

Doula UK  A comprehensive site giving links to doula associations and practising doulas throughout the UK. Use it to find a doula or discover a training course that suits you if you want to move in this direction.

Paramana Doula The Doula site run by Michel Odent and Lilliana Lammers, your link to training on this acclaimed course.

Lara Olchanetzky an independent doula who is a Babiesknow graduate.

Rebecca Schiller independent doula in London & Kent, with a great blog that’s worth subscribing to if you’re pregnant, or just interested in all things birth-related.

Family issues – at every stage

Anabel Karmel  Recipe ideas and more from her constantly updated website, with competitions etc.

Snuggles Childcare A London nanny agency run by a child counsellor, that places specialist nannies with suitably matched families.

Attachment Parenting UK  A diverse resource welcoming those curious about attachment parenting including a database of groups nationwide. Pages to inspire, tips for daily life, a bookstore and support for when things become challenging.

Family Nest  A good site to check your entitlements regarding tax, benefits , savings, rights in the workplace and more

Mumsnet  by parents, for parents … a giant online forum.

Netmums Hot topics ranging from breastfeeding to single parenting, struggles to celebrations; discussion forum; links to local services. Very popular.

New baby, young baby

The Babies Website & Peter Walker  Peter helped us set up Babiesknow in 2005. He’s the doyen of baby massage and teaches midwives and healthcare professionals, and parents, across the world. His site covers baby massage and lots more.

Gentle Birth Method & Gowri Motha  Health through pregnancy, bonding, and wellbeing, pioneered by Dr Gowri Motha.

WombEcology & Michel Odent  Packed full of information on the life stage between conception and birth, and how this influences our children. From Michel Odent, world leader in forward thinking obstetrics and pregnancy and birth care.

Yoga – pre and postnatal

Birthlight An emphasis on Yoga leads a holistic, supportive attitude to pregnancy and birth; plus conferences and training.

Yoga centres and teachers in London:

Personal development, emotions and relationships

Dr Dan Seigel  Inspiration and insights into the neuroscience behind relationships and amzing facts about child development.

Juno Magazine  A thoughtful magazine based on an ethos of sustainability and conscious parenting.

Naomi Stadlen  Author of ‘What mothers do especially when it looks like nothing’; psychotherapist, and group facilitator, in London at the Active Birth Centre.

Psychologies Magazine  A good source of inspiration and resources if you’re curious about yourself, what makes you who you are, and how to feel more in control of your choices and your life.

 “Love, and the lack of it, change the young brain forever … A baby’s ability to keep parents beside him has evolved not to serve whim but limbic necessity. Eons of experience direct his brain to hold open the emotional channel that stabilizes his physiology and shapes his developing mind.”

From: A General Theory of Love, by Thomas Lewis, Fari Amini & Richard Lannon