Parenting in Pregnancy

The nine months of pregnancy are a critical phase of development. How will you parent during this time?

You are a brain shaper, a life shaper. Your role as a loving, powerful parent begins long before your baby’s first cry or smile.  Frederick Wirth, MD

On a Babiesknow course we explore development in the womb; and how expectant parents can positively support their children during life’s most influential stage.
This article reveals the important facts about life in the womb.

  • Experiences now influence your baby’s development and gene expression, with an impact for life.
  • Bonding in pregnancy has positive long term effects.
  • Your emotions – as a mother – have an impact on your baby in pregnancy.
  • Dad has an influence too.
  • Raising your happiness and reducing stress is really positive for your baby.
  • Now is your golden opportunity to have a positive influence.

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