Preparing for Conception

Planning a family can take on a whole new meaning once we accept that our babies are conscious from the earliest moments.  Kitty Hagenbach

At conception a baby is conscious and aware, and very sensitive. Her brain will be wired by the experience she has of her environment – the mother’s body.

You can plan ahead before you conceive, to give your future child the best possible start with an environment that’s loving, holding and rich in nutrition.

The concept of conscious conception is not new, what is new is the science that supports the importance of preparing to become a parent.  For instance new research suggests that within ten days of conception, the patterns of your baby’s future health may be set, as the conceptus also responds to the nutritional environment of the mother’s body.

With this knowledge it makes absolute sense to prepare well, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

 Some questions you might like to ask yourself, and discuss as a couple, are:

    • Am I ready to become a parent?
    • How would I like my baby to experience her conception?
    • What do I need to do in order for her to feel loved and wanted?
    • Am I attached to having a specific gender? If so why?
    • Is my diet healthy and without toxins?
    • Is my partner healthy?
    • Am I ready to bond with my baby now and during the pregnancy?
    • How do I feel about having a baby with my current partner?
    • Are there aspects of my own childhood that I need to heal prior to pregnancy?

Can I speak to my parents about my own conception, pregnancy and birth? Who will support me through pregnancy and beyond?

Answering these questions will give you the opportunity to make any adjustments you’d like to prior to conceiving your baby. To optimise your future child’s health, it is important to eat healthily and remove toxins from your diet, exercise regularly, de-stress and resource yourself well.  Don’t forget, your spiritual, emotional and mental state are also influential, and you may want to take steps to support these aspects of yourself.  Confident parents with good self-esteem are likely to have children who are confident and feel good about themselves.

Attending the Babies Know Foundation Weekend would be an excellent starting place!