Parenting Courses

Our passion at Babies Know is to help parents and children develop their emotional intelligence, from conception onwards, and enjoy lasting, loving relationships.

Since 2007 we have run weekend courses for groups of 20-30 people, ranging from couples expecting a baby to couples or individuals planning a pregnancy, to parents with young children, and parents of older children. We have welcomed grandparents too, and many professionals have joined us. More recently, Charisse has also offered 4-day courses (Healing Early Imprints) which entail a personal process.

The Weekend, or Foundation, Course

We have received resoundly positive feedback and know that the Babies Know weekend courses are unlike any others. They focus on the way you and your children feel, and the quality of the relationships between you. As one couple told us, these courses are not about the pram you choose – they are about the way you parent. We know this is what matters to children!

For the parents, expectant parents and grandparents who have spent the weekend with us, the blend of scientific information with practical exercises and the insights gained from considering babies’ sensitivity combine to give a rich experience and invaluable tools for a happy family life.

The cost to attend the course is £165 per person or £300 per couple (concessions available on application).

If you would like to see the outline of the weekend, click here.

Healing Early Imprints and other Courses from Charisse

Healing Early Imprints offer space for deep personal work. She will also be running a training course for professionals who wish to work in this area; and gentle, supportive courses for healing when birth has been difficult or traumatic.