Healing Early Imprints

Healing Early Imprints is a self development workshop, offering you a personal process to boost self empowerment, wellbeing and freedom. Through a safely guided exploration of your early experiences, you’ll deepen your self-understanding and discover new ways of engaging with yourself and others.

The workshop runs over three days, in a small group, and is facilitated by Charisse Basquin. The experiential nature of the work and the emphasis on safety and spaciousness allows you to go at your own pace, and experience profound transformation.

What are early imprints?

Early experiences shape the development of the brain and nervous system. From conception to the age of 3, many neural pathways are formed, laying down patterns in areas of the brain involved in social and interpersonal relationships. This is the foundation for bonding and attachment.

Memories and styles of relationship are woven into your body; they are like ‘imprints’ in your nervous system. They continue to affect your behavior, relationships, self-esteem and expectations, as well as your physical and emotional well being.

The ideal is for a child to feel nurtured, loved, accepted and affirmed. Where there has been too much stress, upset or poor bonding, resulting imprints may make it difficult for a person, in adulthood, to manage stress or to fully enter into relationship.

Creating new imprints

The nervous system, including the brain, is malleable, and can develop new pathways throughout life.

It is possible to create new imprints that are conducive to forging strong, loving and stable relationships, and support health and personal growth. The process tends to be deeply healing and empowering.

What happens on a workshop?

The workshop is experiential, and will be attended by 4-6 participants. The atmosphere is safe, nurturing and intimate.  Facilitator Charisse Basquin has many years experience of body-centred psychotherapy and pre and perinatal therapy and has worked with small intimate groups in the UK and USA for around 20 years years. She is well known for her exceptional sensitivity and skill.

Using a sensitive approach that taps into body-held memories of your early life, it is possible to access and alter patterns that inhibit full self expression or cause you difficulties today. You can create new imprints.

Each person in the workshop receives an individual session that varies in length from one to three hours. The group setting provides an opportunity for a great deal of support, and for deeper exploration than would be possible during one-to-one work. The group can mirror original family dynamics, providing revelations about early influences, and because the group is supportive, both exploration and healing can take place in a safe and therapeutic way.


This process workshop involves some deep exploration, so you will be required to have already engaged in some therapeutic work, and have access to follow up therapeutic support after the workshop.

To support clarity and safety, each participant is also required to refrain from the use of recreational drugs, including alcohol, for 24 hours prior to and during the course of the workshop.

It’s important to attend the entire workshop; this is an agreement required by all participants.

If you’re interested, please contact Charisse on 07531 863160, or email Charisse earlyimprints@btinternet.com. There is more information, and further contact details on Charisse’s blog, at cbasquin.wordpress.com.