The Times on BK

Building a better relationship with your children … tips on this, and more besides, were shared by Viv Groskopp, who came to the Babiesknow Foundation Weekend earlier this month, and wrote about her experience in the Times. Hers is a great story – honest, human and touching, and it has already stirred up conversations and debate, and triggered questions among readers about their own family experiences.

Babies Know WeekendViv came to the course, so she says, with an enquiring mind, a ten month old and a ‘massive chip’ on her shoulder: a healthy dose of scepticism. Great – we love a bit of scepticism (especially when it’s coupled with an enquiring mind)! Viv is appalled by the trend for ‘parenting classes’, which she feels lecture on the ‘bleeding obvious’, yet at Babiesknow, she admits, she finds something ‘entirely different’.

By the end of the two days, Viv has been at turns fascinated, surprised, put out and won over … she has come out with her own personal insights and is one of many (team included …) who shed tears. And, she says, Jack loved all the attention ‘The attitude to Jack was what bowled me over …’

It seems that Viv, through her own experience and through Jack, took away one of the key Babiesknow messages, that babies flourish when they are listened to, and included, so they feel seen and heard: ‘Baby Jack loved it and basked in the afterglow for a week. Baby Viv was a bit jealous. There’s a lesson there.’

Viv also picked up a strong message from Yehudi: ‘Before you raise a child, analyse yourself …’ If this felt a bit serious, it actually wasn’t too heavy for Viv: ‘Luckily all this deep stuff is done with great flair and a sense of humour.’

If you’d like to read the whole article, go along to the Times website – unfortunately it’s only accessible if you’re a registered user, but you can do this for as little as one day if you like.

While you’re there, you can join the comment thread. Here’s what one person said:
‘Babiesknow was the single most useful thing my husband and I did when pregnant with our first child … I credit it with putting us on such a great path with our kids. Joyful connection: tick. Miserable stress: untick. I am looking forward to its approach becoming available to people outside the enclaves of North London :-)’

A big thanks to Viv for joining in on the weekend, and for a great article, and to Jack for being such a great teacher for everyone in the group!