Who’s Who

Babies Know has evolved from our wish to help babies to feel warmly welcomed, seen, heard and loved, from the beginning.

Between us, we have ten children and six grandchildren. Our combined experience as professionals spans well over 100 years, in the fields of obstetrics, pregnancy and birth, nursing, psychology, psychotherapy, neurology, chiropractic, breastfeeding and massage.

Kitty Hagenbach is an expert in peri-natal and family psychology. She has an incredible ability to communicate with babies and to tune into the ‘baby’ inside every adult, and to guide and support families. Yehudi Gordon, a former obstetrician and Active & Water Birth pioneer, is driven by his passion to serve babies and families. Kitty and Yehudi met and began to share ideas in 1990; then founded Babies Know in 2005, with Yehudi’s writing partner, Harriet Fraser. Charisse Basquin is a chiropractor and early life specialist.

It’s a joy to share our learning through the Babies Know courses, and to witness the transformation that occurs among the parents we meet and the impact this has on their babies and children. Our continuing inspiration comes from babies and children. They are our greatest teachers.