Charisse Basquin

charissebasquinBabies Know Course Facilitator
Doctorate in Chiropractic
Facilitator, Birth Process Workshops
Founder, Healing Early Imprints
Birth Assistant
26 Years in private practice

I have always been curious, and amazed by, the connections between physical health and emotional well-being.  Not long after my private practice as a chiropractor began, back in the days when I lived and worked in America, I realised how a person’s response to touch revealed their own personal history. How the body holds memories, and, through its movements and sensations, tells its own stories.

As I incorporated craniosacral therapy into my practice patients would “spontaneously” experience sensations that they remembered from early times; sometimes a visual memory would arise, tears might begin to flow, or unexpected, sometimes uncomfortable sensations would begin in their body.

It was not long before realizing (with the help of great teachers) that people who suffered repeated head trauma had a higher likelihood of having experienced a difficult birth.  That’s when my magical and challenging journey into pre and peri-natal therapy began.  You see, I might treat patients intermittently for years for common mishaps such as a skiing injury or car accident, but it was not until addressing the very early wounds that there was a deeper transformation, and a vast reduction of the patient’s aches and pains.  That’s when the door to my passion opened, as I made the connection between early emotional experiences, present day physical and emotional health, and the way the body tells our stories.

Well into my second decade of working with pre and perinatal therapy, which focuses on the period around [peri] birth [natal], including pregnancy. I continue to be fascinated by this vulnerable and empowering stage of life, and how experiences during this time affect our ability to maintain strong and loving relationships throughout life. While in America, I also worked as a birth assistant at the Alaska Family Health and Birth Clinic at home births and at its Independent Birth Center; and supported families who were dealing with breastfeeding issues, traumatic births, colic, sleeping problems or bonding difficulties.

I now live in Scotland. There and in America, I run ‘Early Imprints’ workshops for adults, see clients of all ages as individuals and with families privately at my practice in Anstruther, Scotland and occasionally in London, teach parenting courses, and work with the Glasgow police bringing bonding and attachment “work” to ex-offenders. This work continually enriches and supports me on my own personal journey, and is intimately linked with the intentions of Babies Know, holding the sensitivity of each and every one of us, from conception onwards, at its core.

Charisse Basquin, D.C.
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