Harriet Fraser

Harriet FraserBabies Know Writer
Doula (trained with Michel Odent)
Reverse Therapist, for Stress and CFS
BA Hons, Comparative Religion

I came into Babies Know in my capacity as a writer, mother and researcher. I have been writing with Yehudi for over ten years, collaborating on books (including Birth & Beyond) and a range of writing on all aspects of women’s health. I have a strong drive to discover what it means to be human – baby, child or adult – and developing ways to feel happy and fulfilled, and in good health.

I have trained as a doula, or birth companion, with Dr Michel Odent and Lilliana Lamas. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of the wonder of birth. I have also trained in Reverse Therapy for the treatment of ME, CFS and chronic health problems, with Dr John Eaton. This helped me discover ways to stay in the moment and communicate more effectively, and gather some excellent tools for relieving anxiety and quietening destructive thoughts.

I bring to Babies Know insights into neuroscience, physiology and psychoneuroimmunology, and my own instincts and personal lessons from life. I believe that as adults we can all help babies and children have positive experiences, and help them learn how to relate with honesty and compassion, and develop emotional intelligence. I also know that in every moment we have an opportunity to alter painful feelings, to change relationship patterns for the better, and come more closely in touch with ourselves. I do my best yet, like most people I think, I often struggle with the difficulties that life presents to me, not least the challenges of being a parent, and keeping a balance as a working mum. So it’s a real treat for me to be in such close contact with the amazing Babies Know team: advice, support and reassurance are never more than a phone call away.