Our Story

Babies Know was launched in November 2005, and we have been running regular workshops ever since.

Kitty Hagenbach is the driving force behind Babies Know, and her desire to spread parenting skills that support babies to feel heard, safe and happy has fueled not only Babies Know, but also her own practice as a psychotherapist. With a meeting of minds and hearts Babies Know was conceived, nurtured it to fruition, and this keeps it evolving today.

In the early 1990s, Kitty and Yehudi Gordon met when Yehudi acted as obstetrician for the birth of Kitty’s first child. They have been regularly crossing paths ever since in their work with expectant parents and young families.

And in 1998, Harriet and Yehudi came together to write *Birth and Beyond, a book about pregnancy, birth and parenting, and since then have been working in partnership and with a wider team of specialists, including Kitty. In the beginnings, Peter Walker shared his charisma and excellent massage skills with the group; then, in 2008, one of his students, Helen Biscoe-Taylor, joined the team; both have since moved on. More recently, Charisse Basquin has become part of the core team; bringing skills and experience from a background in chiropractic practice and birth process work, and many years working in the same field as Kitty Hagenbach.

Babies Know is a journey. Each workshop brings new insights, each baby we meet teaches us something new, and the parents we meet are spreading the word. We’ve met over 500 people on our courses and have a growing family of ‘babies know babies’ whose parents came on a course during or before pregnancy.