Exciting Mid Summer News – BK course to run in September / Kitty contributing to ground breaking art and science exhibition at Houses of Parliament / Sarah launches her new parenting courses and Charisse confirming her peri natal training.

CRITICAL FIRST 1001 DAYS – from conception to 2 years. To raise awareness about this vital period of life at Government level, an Art & Science Exhibition is being held at the Houses of Parliament , 27 June – 1 July. Kitty is a contributing scientist and her abstract covers the influence of the mothers mental and emotional state on the developing babies brain. Sadly it is not open to the public, but you can take a virtual tour by following this link. Each scientist has been paired with an artist and Kitty is working with Valeriya N-Georg.

Since we stopped teaching the Babies Know weekend last December, we have had numerous people contact us and say they have heard how good it is and really want to experience it. Daniela is one of those and she doesn’t take no for an answer; so she has agreed to set it up and will handle the administration and marketing. Her contact details are: Daniela Papi Thornton danielapapi@gmail.com registration is through the website as usual. It will run on 10/11 September 2016, venue in London to be confirmed.

Babies Know held the last weekend in it’s current format in November 2015. The team are all exploring exciting new ways to support babies and families in alignment with the Babies Know philosophy.

We would love to hear from you so please use the following email addresses to contact any of the team.
Kitty Hagenbach – kittyhagenbach@gmail.com
Yehudi Gordon – yehudi@dryehudigordon.com
Sarah Charlton – sarah.charlton@yahoo.co.uk
Charisse Basquin – earlyimprints@btinternet.com

There is a wealth of information and links available on the website, so please do have a browse.