Welcome to our Babies Know Website where you are most welcome to
browse through the wealth of early parenting information and find useful links.
The original Babies Know weekend course has been reconfigured into a one
day course to make it accessible to more people
NEW COURSE IN LONDON ON 28 September 2019
Kitty is offering a one day condensed Babies Know workshop
hosted by Togetherness at their lovely venue in central London with
the new punchier name How not to F… Up your Kids.
Suitable for anyone thinking of having children, pregnant couples and parents of young
children (babes in arms welcome)
Incredible value at £100 per person, details and booking
Contact email addresses for the members of the original Babies Know team
Kitty Hagenbach – kittyhagenbach@gmail.com
Yehudi Gordon – yehudi@dryehudigordon.com
Sarah Charlton – sarah.charlton@yahoo.co.uk
Charisse Basquin – earlyimprintsuk@gmail.com