Welcome to our Babies Know Website where you are most welcome to browse through the wealth of early parenting information and find useful links.

We ran our last weekend course in September 2016, it was wonderful. We had 7 babies and 20 adults, the most babies we have ever had on one course, they shared their wisdom with us and taught us brilliantly.

The team are off doing other things:

Kitty is running her clinical practice in London and Sussex and considering how to take Babies Know to a wider audience on radio.

Yehudi has developed a deep interest and expertise in Bio-identical Hormone treatment, which he offers in addition to his gynaecological practice in London.

Sarah is now a Certified Instructor with Hand in Hand Parenting and runs courses and one to one consultations for parents of children of all ages both online and in person.

Charisse is running her practice in Scotland and working with Braveheart, an inspired preventative programme with the Violence Reduction Unit of the Scottish Police.

We would love to hear from you so please use the following email addresses to contact any of the team.
Kitty Hagenbach – kittyhagenbach@gmail.com
Yehudi Gordon – yehudi@dryehudigordon.com
Sarah Charlton – sarah.charlton@yahoo.co.uk
Charisse Basquin – earlyimprintsuk@gmail.com