Kitty Hagenbach

Kitty HagenbachBabies Know Co-Founder, Course Leader
Plus: One-to-one support for individuals and families and a speaker on parent forums on ‘Understanding and Supporting your Teenager
M.A.; Dip. Psych, M.A. Child, Adolescent & Family Therapy
Diploma: Transpersonal Psychotherapy
Additional Training in Pre- and Peri-natal Psychotherapy
25 Years in private practice

I grew up nurtured by the wild and beautiful nature of the Wicklow mountains in Ireland. To this day the rugged beauty of  this landscape touches my soul.  But despite this beauty, I experienced my childhood as emotionally barren. I was a ‘mistake’. I felt unwanted. My parents, who themselves had emotionally barren childhoods, did their best, as I believe all parents do, but were unable to understand that I had emotional needs or to acknowledge my feelings. As a result I began to feel hopeless, despondent, bewildered and sank into being a depressed child.

Years later, through the support of many wonderful people, together with my own determination to move beyond the limits of my childhood, I have created an abundant and enjoyable life for myself and am the proud mother of two wonderful sons, who, in their early twenties, have left home and are living their lives to the full. We enjoy many wonderful joyful times together.

My journey back to rediscovering my Self entailed becoming a transpersonal psychotherapist. Not surprisingly I was drawn to enquire into very early life issues. This interest led me to attain an MA in Child Psychology, Adolescent and Family Therapy. Not yet satisfied, and wanting to explore even earlier influences on the developing child, I went to California and studied Pre and Perinatal Psychology with Ray Castellino.

I set up as a psychotherapist twenty five years ago, and today I enjoy interesting and varied work at The Kailash Oriental Medical Centre; an inspiring, calm multi-discipinary clinic in St. Johns Wood, North West London.
I have always admired people who turn their difficulties in life into a positive expression of who they are. Now I am excited to be doing just that. I have a deep understanding of what it is to feel unwanted and alone as a child and I also know the joy of being understood, affirmed, respected and loved as an adult, as well as the steps to getting there. This together with my clinical expertise and experience has led me naturally (and qualified me well!) to develop the Babies Know programme.